Drive Medical 790 Steerable Knee Walker

Drive Medical 790 Steerable Knee Walker

Tool free adjustability, Steerable knee walker

The Drive medical 790 steerable knee walker is the best option for any person experiencing difficulties walking. I recently fractured my left knee and a drive medical 790 steerable knee walker is what I got after seeking solutions over the internet. Within no time, I saw some positive changes from the Drive medical 790 steerable knee walker much to my satisfaction and relief.

Why Use the Knee Walker

I fully recommend you to use this steerable knee walker any time you have walking problems or your leg has been amputated because nothing else will offer the benefits it comes with. My knee walker had problems when it came to mobility but with the help of the instructional I got from Amazon I was able to adjust it appropriately and enhance that to my requirements. The knee pad was furthermore flexible enough which enabled me to change its height and level appropriately the same case with the handles. Also, the leg pads came built with channels which are well suited to improve on the stability as well as comfort that one enjoys.

What to Use with a Knee walker

When I bought a knee walker, I found it somehow difficult using it alone even though it worked. For that reason, I had to buy several other accessories to use together with the walker for enhanced performance. There was the Duro-med adult short leg protector that is clear, a Sunlite mesh bottom bicycle lift off basket that is black in color and used for carrying personal belongings as well as the essential medical supply pad cover for protecting the knee walker from any external damages.

Duro-med adult short leg protector Sunlite mesh bottom bicycle lift off basket Medline curad cast protector

Other key accessories that I found important to buy and which you can consider going for as well include the Medline curad cast protector. This is used for adult legs only and comes in two per pack. The Medline bath bench is very crucial when it comes time to clean your body while the lightweight cast cozy is used for resting the leg when not walking around.

It’s the best Option for You
Drive medical 790 steerable knee walker setup
Drive medical 790 steerable knee walker is very easy to setup

I have come to realize that Amazon is the best place for me to buy a Drive medical 790 steerable knee walker anytime there is need. This is because after going to several other places, this is where I found solace and I have vowed to remain a committed customer within their ranks. Their walkers have addressed all the weaknesses associated with knee walkers from competitors and this surely puts them ahead of the pack and the best place to go.

Common Features

Among the common features of Drive medical 790 steerable knee walker had include a caster that is 8 inches long, a tool-free adjustability for flexibility issues and a steering to make it easy moving the knee walker from one place to another. The knee walker weighed approximately 22.7 lbs while its dimensions measured 24 x 17 x 33 inches which was long enough for me. There are wheels that can be as large as 8 inches and always it is good that you go for large wheels since they are well adapted to getting past any type of terrain.

Warranty Options Available

The brake cable for the Drive medical 790 steerable knee walker has a lifetime warranty put in place by the company. However, the lifetime warranty for the knee walker is usually limited therefore you will only be able enjoy that for a specified period of time.

Delivery Done Conveniently

The shipment policy for Drive medical 790 steerable knee walker at Amazon is very flexible and accommodative to favor each and every person. I was able to get my knee walker delivered to my place within an hour of purchase but it will depend on where one lives to determine the shipping period. All in all, their shipping takes not more than 24 hours thus a reliable and efficient way to have your consignment at home. The company also has a security policy in place to cover for all the risks suffered in the process of shipping a walker thus you will not have to worry about that as it is risk-free.

Get the best Deal

You should not look any further than Amazon anytime you are looking for your Drive medical 790 steerable knee walker. They are very cheap and with approximately $280 you can get one that is well within your financial status. I was also able to negotiate for a better deal since their prices are not always fixed.

Be the First to Enjoy Discounts

Amazon has specific days that they offer discount on their products. I managed to make my purchase on a Black Friday and the discount I was offered left me yearning for more. Their price cuts were significant in lowering my expenditure while delivery was done free of charge therefore you should be keen to note such days through visiting their website regularly.

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